Blue Lagoon

Now if you are looking for some exciting cliff jumping in Bali then Blue Lagoon is just the perfect place for you. Make your adventure an exciting one with this stunning place in Bali this time. The precious crystal blue waters of Nusa Ceningan’s Blue Lagoon are the photo consummate perfect of an island heaven.

One can find a minor island associated with Nusa Lembongan by a wooden suspension which is connected. Bits of gossip flourish that the extension is every now and again down yet you simply need to go and check for yourself.

Highlights: The little island offers some truly pleasant private manors and cottages with unquestionably inconceivable shoreline see at various value ranges beginning from $30 every night, the town where you can mix in with local people, eateries with their own private swimming pool, general Nusa Ceningan is the place to be for add up to unwinding.

The Blue Lagoon precipice bounce in Nusa Ceningan is a standout amongst the greatest encounters that you will ever have on your Bali trip.

Location: Blue Lagoon is located at the western tip of Nusa Ceningan