Banah Cliff

The Banah Cliffs of Nusa Penida rise mightily out of the spinning sea and are the most amazing coastal cliffs in Bali. Many meters high and hung in lavish green vegetation, they are an astounding sight seen by pontoon. When you’re remaining at the top they are significantly additionally forcing with no boundary amongst you and the deep dip under.

Nusa Penida has this phenomenon known as Pasih Uwug. According to folklore Pasw Uwug was at one time a town destined to disintegrate into the ocean. One can also find a natural bridge made of rock that you can cross if you dare. Not a long way from Pasih Uwug you can locate a characteristic saltwater infinity pool shaped where the ocean meets the land (known as Angel billabong).

When you see the perfectly clear water beneath, you will feel the yearning to move down for a swim. Crystal Bay is not just great with its coral shoreline and scores of tropical fishes, but on the other hand is stunningly delightful. Enjoy kicking back and unwinding on the shoreline.

Location: Banah cliffs are located on the south coast of Nusa Penida.