Secret Point Beach, Nusa Ceningan

When you are travelling to this one of kind destination don’t miss your chance to visit the one and only Secret Point Beach in Bali. When you stroll down from the parking spot to the beach you get a whole perspective of the precipice and shoreline, and additionally, other view focuses and instagram commendable spots, for example, the tilted tree you can scale. When you stroll to the t-rex see point, it’s dependent upon you whether you need to wander further.

There is a privately made railing down the bluff, that is exceptionally steep which enables access to half of the stone arrangement, at that point straightforwardly down to the shoreline. A great many people just make it most of the way, as our visit manager wouldn’t go to the base.

Highlights: This stunning perspective point ought to be on your container list as it is obscure to mass sightseers and much more mind boggling face to face. In the event that you need to devices and continuance, make the trek down to the shoreline, however, bring water (can be purchased at the top) and drive, getting a move down is not a simple assignment.

Location: Secret Point is located on the south-west side of Nusa and can be accessed by one long road by motorbike.